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Our Story

Co-Founders Anthony and Stacy have had a lifelong passion for sports. Anthony's interest laid in the legal, educational, and sociological areas of sport, while Stacy's passion laid in the scientific, and psychological side.

Together they created ASHR Group Ltd., which combines these two areas of interest and expertise into one hub of athlete support services.

ASHR MGMT acts as the athlete's representation throughout their careers, from the high school graduate going into college, to post-graduate opportunities, and from the peak performance stage to that career transition.

With a breadth of knowledge, education and experience, ASHR MGMT offers high quality, personalized and broad support to athletes at any stage of their careers.

Meet the rest of your team here!

why choose ASHR MGMT?



ASHR MGMT offers many services for athletes at any stage of their career.

The great thing about that is they can all be found under one roof.

All the ASHR MGMT staff that provide services work together to offer a cohesive and supportive team for our athletes.


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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ASHR MGMT Services

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