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Did you hear...?

Not sure if you heard or not, but we signed three more great athletes!

Read more about them below!

Marks Jirgensons

Marks is a very skilled young Latvian forward playing for EHC Straubing in the Germany U17 league. He has tremendous offensive abilities, and a high compete level. His skating, puck handling, and shot are impressive.

You can see more of Marks on our Locker Room page or on Instagram.

Marks Jirgensons ASHR Family

Renat Aznibakiyev

Renat is an Estonian brick wall of a goaltender. He is quick, athletic and shuts the door when necessary. He is very goal oriented and strives to improve every single day. He is coming off an impressive 40 save shutout.

Check out Renat on our Locker Room page or on YouTube.

Renat Aznibakiyev ASHR Family

Kevin Porter

Kevin is relentless. He is speedy and has a great shot. He is adaptable and can adjust to different coaching styles and different paces of play. He is currently a free agent, and is looking to tryout for a team for the 22/23 season.

Check out Kevin on our Locker Room page or on his LinkedIn page.

Kevin Porter ASHR Family Relentless

If you are a team looking for great talent or a business looking to partner with any of our athletes, please reach out by email to, or by phone to +1 226 776 9189.


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