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"Go Far, BFR" Program

Introducing the Barrier Free Athlete Representation (BFAR) Program by ASHR MGMT, and ASHR Group Ltd.

ASHR believes that the groups who have been traditionally marginalized should have their fair share of the sports world, its rewards, and triumphs.

The program offers athletes who may have faced significant barriers to accessing proper athletic representation a chance to consult with an athlete representative.

It also provides athletes from marginalized groups with an opportunity to learn more about the business side of sport from an industry professional.

Currently, ASHR MGMT has the capacity to take on 3 BFAR clients from January - March 2022.

Head over to the BFAR page to learn more, and download the application form!

Applications for 2022-Q1 (January 2022-March 2022) close on December 31, 2021.

Email any questions and your completed applications to!


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