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Hockey in Ukraine At The Moment

On February 24, 2022 the Ukrainian Hockey Super League prematurely ended its season as martial law was imposed over the nation.

Their announcement concludes with this:

We urge you to remain calm and not panic. Everything will be Ukraine!
Ukraine Hockey

The Canadian government has introduced new immigration policies with respect to the ongoing and ever changing situation in Ukraine.

Some of these measures include:

Urgently processing new and replacement passports and travel documents for citizens and permanent residents of Canada in Ukraine so they can return to Canada at any time
prioritizing applications from people who currently live in Ukraine for: permanent residence, proof of citizenship, temporary residence and citizenship grant for adoption

The Canadian government has included this contact information for those who are affected by the situation in Ukraine:

  • use the web form (add the keyword UKRAINE2022 in the “Your enquiry” box and they’ll prioritize your request)

  • by phone at +1-613-321-4243 (collect calls accepted)

We wish everyone safety in these parts, and encourage people to abide by the words of the great Jackie Moon: "ELE: Everybody Love Everybody".


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