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How is the new generation of athlete different?

There are countless studies on the differences between generations within the workplace. These generational differences come through in sports as well. Many veteran athletes find it difficult to relate to the rookies of today. With the way the world is unfolding around us, these circumstances may cause the next generation of athletes to be even further removed from their predecessors.

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What are these factors causing the next generation of athletes to be so different from the rest?

  • They strive for perfection.

  • They utilize technology more than any other generation in history.

  • They care about the environment and social responsibility.

  • They are living through major changes in history, like the pandemic, cancel culture, and #MeToo.

  • Their sports are becoming increasingly expensive, especially during these uncertain economic times.

  • They care about work-life balance.

How can the sport agencies of yesterday possibly expect to adapt so quickly to these drastic changes in their client base? The world is not "business as usual", and that includes the sports industry.

Environmental activism

We are seeing change after change every day, but there is still work to do. We believe our athletes will take up the torch and continue this work for equality, diversity and inclusion to make sports even better.


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