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Big Week for Professional Women's Sports

Women's professional sports have never been more popular, and it's no surprise why. In a society that still struggles with acceptance of women in the workplace, and in leadership roles, female athletes have become role models for millions of young girls. Women are breaking down barriers every day, from politics to business to sports. Recent developments this week highlight that women's professional sports are not going anywhere.

Women's hockey

The PHF (formerly known as the NWHL) announced big plans for the coming years on January 18, 2022. They are planning another expansion team into Canada (Montreal), and have received a "game-changing" investment from their ownership group. The $25M investment will have an immediate impact on the athletes, whose salary cap raises from $300,000 to $750,000 (or a 2.5 times increase).

women's rugby

Welsh Rugby Union Women's Side

12 women from the Welsh Rugby Union team were signed to 12 month paid contracts, making them the first professional female rugby players. While being interviewed, the current captain of the women's squad broke down in tears as the reality of becoming a "professional" set in.

The demands on athletes who are not professional, but are close, are immense. They work full time jobs and have families and many other responsibilities. All the while, they manage to coordinate time off and leaves of absence from their jobs, make sure their family is cared for, and still make it to practices and games. Not only do they "show up", but they PERFORM.

ASHR MGMT is excited to see women dominate in this new generation of athletic talent.


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